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You want to feel & experience the language through guided exercises.

You want to have fun, be creative & explore speaking Portuguese.

Organizer & Creator

Hi I’m Rachel!

I have over 10 years of experience teaching Brazilian Portuguese as well as an MA in Portuguese  Language and Literature. I lived in São Paulo and Recife! I work with 5 pillars for successful language learning: listening, speaking (pronunciation), cultural competency, reading, and writing. I developed a curriculum to help students become more proficient and compassionate speakers and influencers.

I created this club because I know many students who struggle staying motivated and consistent, as well as feel frustrated with gaps in their learning. Language learning becomes much more exciting and fun when there are others we can share our experiences. It’s motivating to be around people who know the process, work, and courage it takes to learn a foreign language. 


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Online Lessons & Events EVERY Month:

  • Language Lessons
  • Practice Sessions
  • Bonus Events
  • Diverse Study Program


~ Monthly Classes & Events
~ Access to Online Membership Portal
~ Participate in an Active Learning Community
~ Exclusive Invite to the Annual Immersion Retreat
~ Join Our Private Group on Facebook  


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