We are an online community of bilinguals, trilinguals, & polyglots, as well as students who love Brazilian Portuguese & Brazilian culture.

We gather every Monday at 6PM PST & participate in Portuguese conversations. 


    1. After you sign up below you’ll be added to a Google Calendar Event.

    2. Go to your Google Calendar, find Portuguese Mondays event, & click on the Zoom link 5 minutes before the hour.

    3. Wait to be admitted & welcomed to the session.


    Session Format

    Participants are paired up in Zoom breakout rooms for 8-10 minutes for a conversation in Portuguese.

    The structure of the conversations are simple, one person asks a question and the other person responds.

    Each session organically evolves switching roles from listening to speaking.

    This event is a labor of love! Donations are accepted but not required. See Google Event for details.

    Organizer & Facilitator

    Hi I’m Rachel!

    I have over 10 years of experience teaching Brazilian Portuguese as well as an MA in Portuguese Language and Literature. I lived in São Paulo and Recife! One struggle I hear from many students is finding places to speak and use the language. When we don’t live in the country the language is spoken it can be challenging. This is why I created Portuguese Mondays!

    Portuguese Mondays is a weekly opportunity to apply your knowledge and skills, evolve your proficiency level, and meet new people. All levels welcome!  

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