Let’s be honest,

Learning a new language can be intimidating. Especially in the beginning!


  • It’s hard because you don’t like to make mistakes and it sucks being wrong!
  • You hate being corrected, communication is hard enough in your native language!
  • You know how to speak a little but native speakers never understand what you’re saying.
  • You’re frustrated because your native language, or maybe another language you speak, is dominating your Portuguese pronunciation and it’s a hard habit to break.
  • Your pronunciation is good but you learned by mimicking and now you’re ready to know what it is you’re trying to imitate.

Sound familiar?


Well, you’re in the right place!


I’ve been there. It wasn’t until I studied Portuguese linguistics that I felt confident in my pronunciation. This boost of confidence made learning easier and more fun! It felt so good to be understood and to have Brazilian’s sometimes mistake me as a native! WHOA!!!

I have exciting news for you!

I created an online course to help you master the sounds of Brazilian Portuguese and feel more confident!

I combined my full immersion experience with my academic experience of the Portuguese language to bring you a fun and comprehensive online course. 

Course Summary

A self-directed E-course!

Learn everything you need to know to start feeling more confident as well as practical exercises to help you find your voice in Brazilian Portuguese.   


  • Portuguese alphabet
  • How to spell words in Portuguese
  • Names of the accent marks
  • How to divide words by syllable
  • Word stress patterns
  • Oral & nasal vowels
  • Oral diphthongs & nasalized diphthongs
  • Pronunciation of consonants; R, S, T, D, G, J, L, X, Z
  • Special letter combinations; LH, NH, CH
  • Consistency vs. flexibility in pronunciation based on regional accents 


-Access 14 Pre-recorded Video Lessons

-20+ Downloadable Study Guides, Audio Files,     Assignments & Exercises

-Special Bonus Lessons & Materials

-Log in Access to the Online Course Platform that Keeps Track of Your Progress.

-Online Assessment with individual feedback

-Course Edition Perks (scroll down to learn more).

Open Enrollment

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Premium Edition 

Access to online course & materials for 12 months with unlimited email access to check in & ask Rachel questions.

VIP Edition

Lifetime access to the course & materials, unlimited email access to ask questions, PLUS 2 live & interactive lessons with Rachel over Zoom for feedback, questions, & practice.

A sneak peek!

Watch the short video below and start improving your pronunciation today!

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