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Brazilian Portuguese Language Teacher

I was raised in a Mormon family. Both my parents are school teachers. I’m grateful they taught me to value service, community, and education. I majored in Political Science and Music with an emphasis in Spanish. I went on to get my Master’s in Portuguese from BYU. Since then, I have lived in Brazil twice and taught Portuguese for Spanish speakers.

In addition to my studies, I have volunteered with international non-profit organizations. I worked in Quito, Ecuador with Orphanage Support Services Organization (OSSO) as well as I served an 18-month mission in Campinas, SP, Brazil.

My path unfolded as I left Mormonism and began my healing journey. I discovered a community that connected both my soul’s presence and passion for Brazilian Portuguese. I’m grateful for the opportunities to sing in Portuguese again and participate in spiritual works.

Knowing another language is a huge gift! It has increased my self-awareness and expanded my consciousness. Portuguese has unique sound patterns and vibrations with heart expansion qualities. The language learning process opens new neural pathways and identities revealing our transformative, evolutionary potential. I’m so excited to work with others seeking this experience.

Today I focus on creating unique online experiences by combining Portuguese language study with soulful inquiry for people who are on a spiritual path with the language and have a heartfelt connection to Brazil and the Amazon. It’s an honor to share my gifts and my passion for Brazilian Portuguese!

The Art of Teaching a Foreign Language

My teaching style is geared towards teaching adult learners. Lessons are taught sequentially with the goal of speaking 100% in Portuguese. Participating in lessons and doing the homework are imperative to be successful in my program and courses.

I developed a curriculum based on 5 ingredients: speaking, listening, cultural competency, reading, and writing. In my opinion, consistency and repetition are essential to develop skills using a foreign language. I love teaching pronunciation and grammar that prepares students for conversations with native speakers. My program includes audio recordings, visual aids, written and oral assessments, study tools, and much more.

Ultimately, it’s up to the students to use the resources and dedicate time to the material. I only work with highly motivated and self aware individuals. My students feel a deep desire to learn the language to enhance their lives and relationships. Many students that I work with are healing trauma around foreign language learning and international experiences. Co-creating a safe learning environment is crucial. Hence the language study I foster is also a healing and transformational experience. I help my students identify stumbling blocks and move through blockages or limiting beliefs that are hindering their learning process.

I offer a FREE 60-minute Intro Session to anyone interested in working with me to explore our compatibility and discover how we can work together.

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