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I love Brazilian Portuguese! I wish everyone knew how to speak it which motivates me to teach it. I teach conversational Portuguese to adult learners. I work with students who want to learn the language to enhance their spiritual practices, nurture relationships with Brazilians, and deepen their travel experiences to Brazil. 

I lived in São Paulo for several years and learned Portuguese through full immersion. I’m a language instructor with over 10 years of experience and a Master’s degree in Portuguese language and literature. I’ve taught college courses but most recently launched my very own language program! I’m an artist at heart and Brazilian Portuguese is my muse. It inspires me to write poetry, teach, create community and so much more!

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Universal Prayers & Pronunciation

Ascended Masters & Noun Phrases

Hummingbird Messages & Verbs

Fun Facts

Portuguese is the official language of 9 countries.

Over 236 million people world-wide are native Portuguese speakers.

Portuguese is the official language of Portugal, Brazil, Cape Verde, Angola, Guinea Bissau, Mozambique, Principe, Sao Tome, and Equatorial Guinea.

Portuguese is also spoken in Goa (India), Macao (China), and East Timor.

There are many Portuguese dialects. The most well known are European Portuguese and Brazilian Portuguese.

Due to the wide viewership of Brazilian telenovelas, Brazilian Portuguese dialect has become the most popular and recognizable.


"Rachel is an amazing teacher. She customizes each session for her students based on their speaking skills. She is very creative and patient as well as passionate about what she does. I highly recommend her."


"She combines a high degree of mastery of Brazilian Portuguese, with the art of teaching language, and a natural ability to set the student at ease. Her lessons are fun, flexible, and customized to my evolving level of fluency. Thanks to Rachel, I have rapidly progressed!"


"Rachel is an incredible teacher who ticks all of the boxes, she lived in Brazil, she studied the language at a graduate-level, and she understands the challenges facing those wanting to learn Brazilian Portuguese. If you are looking to learn Brazilian Portuguese, I cannot recommend her enough!"


"Rachel is a great teacher. She is patient and accommodates my learning style. She makes class fun, has great examples and knows how to simplify. She also has great references and knows how to teach. My pronunciation has greatly improved. I'm grateful for her teaching me the nuances of Português so I feel more confident speaking."


"I took Rachel's pronunciation class and found it very helpful and informative. Her linguistic training really shines when she breaks down the MANY different sounds used in Portuguese."


"Rachel was the perfect teacher for me. I now have a new confidence in my capacity to read and pronounce Portuguese. I highly recommend her offerings."


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